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           Known under the name of “Panciu House”, it produces some of the best white wines in Eastern Europe. Peculiarities of soil moisture balanced and excellent sun exposure that provides geographic position make one grape liqueur highest acidity in the country. This vast hillside vineyards form in its entirety and has three centers Panciu vineyard vines :PanciuTifesti and Paunesti with a total area of ​​over 10,500 hectares , vinification is done in more than 20 wine centers in the area. No chance of this unparalleled living here was produced in years "70" out of Tifesti first Romanian sparkling. Here, the vineyards were replanted, and invested in machinery , tanks, barrels , new plantations of apples, apple storage in controlled atmosphere storage , equipment for processing apples, juice production and packaging in bag-in- boxes . Cellar Natura is the heart , and soul wines from more than 100 hectares of French varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc , Cabernet Sauvignon and Muscat Ottonel , but especially the most famous and popular Romanian varieties :White Fetească, Fetească Royal, Black Babeasca, Black Feteasca, Serbian , Plavaia. The wines produced here are known and appreciated each year representing an added value sparkling wine is produced by the method ASTI.





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