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    Vinexport, since 1949. We want to get to wine drinkers most reliable manufacturer in the south of Moldova , to provide quality products and our contribution to the reputation of the famous vineyards of Vrancea already Nicorestiului . In fact, this is what we do since 1949 and we want this brand to be on the market for a very long time.  Vinexport believes in three things: honesty, exacting and good wine. These are the three coordinates that orient any effort by the company, and we are sure that we will go where we want. We value honesty to customers and distributors more than anything , and try to be constant in this attitude . Continuous improvement of old winemaking traditions , legacy of a centuries old wine culture , along with the broadening and diversification that we sell is still a vital point that tenaciously invest resources because we know that in the end the consumer will be the one who has won.


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