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    Livia, Wine Cellar medalist of Gîrboiu



          Gîrboiu Winery is a winery authentic and picturesque covering a story crammed with passion and craft of wine , which is found in people industrious and fertile vineyards at Dumbrăveni, Coteşti areas in Vrancea County .

  Refurbished and modernized by Gîrboiu family, former wine cellar squire Zamfirescu - Conu ​​"A. As the villagers called him , was in the " 30 some of the best wines in the country. Keeping the tradition , Gîrboiu family managed to breathe life into the local area and to revive the pleasure of making good wine. Aided by sun rays gently throwing nutritious spread over the hills turns to vineyards , wine cellar Gîrboiu gathers all the flavor and bouquet of a wine with grace , crafted over times ... wine cellar Gîrboiu believe in true, correct and clean , conducted at a winery authentic , carefully and skilfully . Cellar Wine Gîrboiu believes in respect for tradition and for people who pursue the collection of the first grapes on the shelf until the settlement savory wine glass . Cellar Gîrboiu believe in modern technology , investment and improvement of the old traditions of the famous wine producing vineyard Coteşti , Vrancea.




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